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Super Bowl Teaser Campaigns – Here’s what I’m looking forward to Watching

Welcome to the year 2020 where Super Bowl campaigns now encompass more than just a 30 second spot on T.V.

…So, what exactly am I referring to? Teaser campaigns of course! Essentially, these are all of the social media posts, in-store marketing, and T.V. commercials that brands put out to tease details on their new campaign launch before the BIG commercial spot during THE biggest game of the year — which not to mention, Fox SOLD OUT of its Super Bowl ad inventory w/each selling upward of 5.6 million.

While this isn’t new by any means, what comes into major play is how brands are leveraging the social media aspect of these campaigns beforehand versus just posting the main commercial on YouTube to increase viewership after its reveal. For example, according to this NBC News article, a video featuring the apparent death of Planters mascot, Mr. Peanut, generated more than 3 million views on YouTube in two days.

The article also mentions that all that coverage adds up to be worth an estimated $13.7 million in equivalent brand value — that would more than cover the cost of the Super Bowl commercial’s airtime. A second spot showing the funeral of Mr. Peanut is scheduled to run on Feb. 2, during the game.

In my opinion, this has become a brilliant marketing trend as it gives consumers enough to talk about while most importantly, leaving us anxious for the major reveal. It’s a fine art get people excited without giving too much away!

Here are a few additional teaser campaigns that have already caught my eye: