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Consumer PR

Back in the old days, like 2002, consumer media relations was all about landing the “big story.” But building a brand today means less about the “big one” and more about shaping how your audience thinks about you.

In today’s media landscape, the evening news and your local paper can sometimes lose mindshare to the 24/7 media outlets. Outlets that are, from a consumer’s standpoint, just as credible as the old ones. It’s OK. Change is good. Effective consumer media relations today are two-way and not passive, because today’s consumers have strong opinions and they aren’t afraid to voice them.

At Fish, we’re going to do more than just go after the big story. We’re going to use breakthrough pitches, content marketing, sponsored events, stunts and experiential promotions to help you generate awareness, improve brand perceptions and drive same store sales. We want to make sure your audience develops an unshakable connection to you.

We have the approach built to generate results.
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