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Our Approach

At Fish, we’re a bunch of happy agitators. We’re storytellers. We don’t particularly like traditional marketing theory. Like we mentioned, we do like bacon. Plus The Walking Dead and House of Cards. We typically side with the underdog. We’re just people. Exactly like you — and your customers and franchisees. People who want honesty, good service and support. People who love to be entertained and rewarded. This is how we like to work best.

  • Start with a Plan

    Just like Hannibal said to Faceman at the end of every A-Team episode; we also love it when a plan comes together. At Fish, we understand that you can’t get where you’re going without a good roadmap. It’s one of the guiding principles behind how we steer the Fish Mothership. It never fails to amaze us how many companies still develop a strategy without really understanding what they want to talk about and who they want to talk to. After all, the way your story is delivered has a huge impact on the way your audience receives it.

  • Honesty Matters

    Remember when Mom used to tell you to speak the truth or you were going to get in trouble? Mom always knew best. The same principle applies to business. We’re not afraid to speak our minds, and we’ll always be candid about where we’re going and how we intend to get there. At times we may disagree, and we’ll certainly acknowledge when we know you’re right. We’re also big enough to admit our mistakes. It’s the only way we know how to do it at Fish. Truth is, would you want it any other way?

  • Safe Usually Stinks

    There is a reason why words like synergy, bluesky, brightline, bandwidth and mission critical are overused in boardrooms across the world. It’s because safe communications are great for getting through a meeting, but they certainly don’t get you noticed. We don’t have patience for that nonsense and neither should you. If an idea doesn’t challenge you to think, then what good is it? Here at Fish, we like to think we’re creative and refreshingly bluesky-free. Check out the work we’ve done and you’ll see it speaks for itself.

  • Great Ideas are Great Ideas

    Nobody has a monopoly on creativity, especially not at Fish. Great ideas can come from anywhere in our organization. It doesn’t matter if you have been here long enough to grow a three-foot beard like Tom Hanks in Castaway or you just hopped aboard as an intern; we value ideas. But idea magic can just as easily come from someone in your organization, as well. How many agencies actually say that? At Fish, the creative process never happens behind an iron curtain, but in partnership with you.

  • Simple is Better

    We don’t work in the ER, it’s just PR. Yeah, it’s incredibly cheesy, but most people don’t wake up thinking about your brand. It’s a hard pill to swallow from a marketing perspective, but what people are really looking for is for a little bit of empathy and maybe a laugh or two to keep them going. Just be honest and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Brain surgery is the complicated stuff. Telling people how awesome your brand is shouldn’t be. In the history of thought-provoking communications, simple has always been better.

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