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Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for your home – the season can be a great time to revamp your life, examine your habits and identify areas where you can make changes to improve your wellbeing heading into the rest of the year. On the heels of 2020, a truly traumatic year, we can all likely use a chance to hit the refresh button. Here are a few great tips I found online that I intend to implement this April.

  • Clean up your relationships. Think about how your relationships are doing. You may need to end some toxic relationships or get in touch with some old friends. Think about how you could to better prioritize your time for your loved ones.
  • Rediscover your talents. You are beautiful and gifted. You have talents that are so unique to you, show them off!
  • Straighten out your finances. Take a look at your money coming in and the money going out. Are you happy with it? How can you refresh your budget?
  • Declutter your mind. You may not know this but you suffer from decision fatigue, every day. And so do we; our entire society. It’s crazy. Try and declutter your mental state as much as possible. You will feel much lighter.
  • Clear your schedule. Think about where you need to be spending your time and energy. If you are trying to fit everything in, that may be a red flag. Schedule in time for yourself and only things that light you up. Everything else is secondary and unimportant.
  • Spruce up your diet. Do you feel good? Switching up what you’ve been eating may help you to feel more energized, lighter, and less fatigued.
  • Get rid of physical clutter. As you’re spring cleaning your home, start getting rid of the things that just collect dust. You know that junk drawer you hate opening? Start pitching!
  • Find your jam. You know that song. The one that when it comes on you just feel like you are on top of the world and you can do anything? Have it ready to play at a moment’s notice to get you through difficult times.
  • Get rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore. Stop holding onto things hoping you will fit into them. It only create negative energy and thoughts about yourself. Keep only clothes that fit you nicely in your closet.


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