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September Fish Insights

Hey there – welcome back! Glad you chose to join us for another edition of Fish Insights. But if you’re new here, this is where we get a chance to share some of the stories we’ve been buzzing about this month, as well as other interesting industry news and trends we thought you should know about. Below you’ll find a few of the biggest news stories as of late, but we really like to focus on the lesser-known headlines. (Like how you’ll soon be able to get beauty products on-demand thanks to Uber. Game changer.) The goal of Fish Insights is for us to dig up these industry insights, so you don’t have to. Because, let’s be honest, time is precious nowadays… and we Fishies are kind of news junkies anyway.

All that said, we hope you enjoy this month’s compilation of industry news! Hope to “see” you again in October.


  • Childcare is a growing problem for the nation’s restaurant workers. (Bon Appétit)
  • Industry experts say QR codes in restaurants are here to stay. (CNBC)
  • The restaurant industry’s labor shortage isn’t improving, and it’s leading to longer wait times and shorter operating hours. (Restaurant Business)

Travel & Hospitality

  • The U.S. Travel Association applauded the Biden administration’s decision to lift the ban on travelers from Europe, China, Brazil, India, and other countries, with proof of vaccination. (The New York Times)
  • Some hotels are testing new add-on fees for pools, early check-ins, and other amenities. (NBC Minneapolis)

Fitness, Health, & Wellness

  • A new study suggests that focusing on physical fitness and cardiorespiratory health rather than weight loss may do more to reduce mortality risk. (The Hill)
  • You’re never too old to get fit! That’s according to a 75-year-old fitness influencer who has over 1.4 million Instagram followers. (Health)
  • Recent research analyzed how employees with mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and stress can transmit their feelings from one company to another. (The Wall Street Journal)


  • Despite signing bonuses, higher pay, and other parks, the retail sector is having difficulty recruiting employees ahead of the holiday season. (NBC News)
  • These are the five retailers offering the highest starting wages in the U.S. (Yahoo! Finance)
  • Experts are anticipating fewer deals and more shipping delays this holiday season thanks to continued supply chain and labor issues. (CNBC)


  • As Uber expands into delivery, the company is experimenting with a member-only, beauty-on-demand service. (Vogue Business)
  • Starting Oct. 4, Amazon plans to hold a beauty sales event to lure consumers ahead of the holidays. (CNBC)

Home Services

  • Manufacturer Pfister has launched a docuseries called “American Plumber Stories” aimed at recruiting the next generation of plumbers. (Plumber)
  • Shortages of parts and shipping delays are causing price hikes in the HVAC industry. (ABC Birmingham)

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about Fish Insights. Feel free to shoot me an email at if you love it or have ideas for how we can improve it.