Public Relations Jargon – a dictionary that unites all industry pros

If you work in Public Relations, it’s always easy to spot a fellow industry pro. How you ask? Scroll through their email or texts and I guarantee you’ll find at least half of the words and phrases listed below. After spending the past five years working in the biz, it’s nearly impossible for me to have a conversation without throwing in some Public Relations lingo, regardless of who I’m talking to or what I’m talking about. Try not to strain your neck from aggressively nodding along as you read through.

  • Per the below
  • Round/circle back
  • Leverage
  • Low-hanging fruit
  • Regroup
  • Looking forward to hearing from you
  • As promised
  • Please advise
  • Your feedback is much appreciated
  • In the weeds
  • Coverage sweep
  • Deliverables
  • Excited to share
  • Wanted to make sure you saw the news
  • Please find attached


  • More to come

PS – a big shout to my colleagues for providing me with the richest of email content to pull this from.