PGA Championship, here we come

Well, not exactly. But we did take our talents to Topgolf for our annual Summer Fun outing and while we might not qualify for the PGA Championship this year, we sure as hell deserve an A for effort.

Before I give you the play-by-play of our Topgolf tournament, let’s recap the pre-outing festivities that took place at Fish HQ. Just as we do every year, we had our remote peeps fly in from D.C. and London for an afternoon of team bonding, complete with pizza, cocktails and a game produced by Sam and yours truly. We set the bar high last year with the Fishie Awards, so the pressure was on for us to deliver something that would be just as big of a hit. Lucky for us, one of our newest and coolest clients just so happens to be a digital gaming platform so they hooked us up by creating a customized game just for us. Sam and I took the liberty in developing the content for the Jeopardy-style game, with questions revolving around life here at Fish – like, “Who’s most likely to place an Uber Eats order of just one large French fry from KFC at 4:30 p.m.?” (That would be Ellie, by the way).

It didn’t end there. Because everyone knows we love taking a crack at the boss whenever we have the chance, Sam and I prepared a second surprise game in honor of Lorne. With question categories ranging from embarrassing moments to fun facts, we deemed the game “The Roast of Lorne Fisher,” but it was all in good fun and Lorne was a great sport.

We took our competitive spirit to Topgolf the following day, where we broke up into four teams to put our skills (or lack thereof for some) to the test. It was a given that Lorne, Bernie and Matt would put us all to shame, but some of us discovered that we too had some innate golfing talent (I don’t want to toot my own horn, but… TOOT TOOT! Yes, I was awesome.)! I’m not entirely sure if we even kept score but in the end, the day was a total win for all of us.

Well, friends, that’s as much as I can reveal about Summer Fun 2018. Stay tuned for another Fish event recap in December to see what shenanigans we get ourselves into for our annual holiday party 🙂