Life Lessons from Game of Thrones


If you’ve been following our blog at all, it’s safe to say that you’re well aware an obsession with TV is practically a prerequisite for working at Fish. We love Bravo, we love the Bachelor, we love all 8 million of Netflix’s series – if it’s on TV, chances are most of us have watched it. That said, there is nothing we love more than Game of Thrones (in fact, half of our ringtones are the show’s theme song – including Lorne’s!).

While it’s safe to say that the world we live in is thankfully much different than the insanely dangerous world of Westeros, there are still several life lessons we can take from Game of Thrones. As this writer for Bustle points out, while the series is a fantastical world full of dragons, magic, and odd tree people — but it’s still a show about humans and how they interact with each other. While the political manipulation and epic battles of the series are what get people to tune in, many viewers — myself included — stick with the show because it offers insight into the characters and examines their relationships with one another. Throughout the series, characters grow and change, becoming entirely different people through their experiences and lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Here’s a few examples of lessons that characters in the show learned that aren’t just applicable to living life in Westeros, but also in your everyday life.

  • Don’t be naïve. Ned Stark may or may not be one of the most naïve, though honorable, characters to have crossed my TV screen. Unfortunately, he *spoiler alert* literally lost his head for it. His naivety and misguided faith that others will do the right thing were his fatal flaws, and he paid the price for it.
  • Wine is always a good idea. Many of the characters, particularly Tyrion and Cersei, are rarely seen without a drink in their hand, and I sincerely respect it.
  • Don’t underestimate women. After 6 seasons, one consistent theme we’ve seen is all of the men who thought they deserved the Iron Throne have dropped like flies. In the end, it’s the women who have come out on top, and the feminist in me loves the fact that the series showcases the strength and power of women as leaders. #TeamKhalessi
  • Never underestimate the little guys. Tyrion is a little person who has evolved into one of the most valuable strategic minds in the show. Arya is a 12-year-old girl who is now a ruthless assassin. Needless to say, discounting the little guys doesn’t get you very far.
  • Pay your debts. If you played a drinking game where you took a shot every time you heard the phrase “A Lannister always pays their debts,” you’d probably die. While in real life you should probably avoid being anything like any of the Lannisters, who are mostly absolutely terrible people, you should follow their advice on always paying your debt. Fiscal responsibility is cool.
  • Don’t be cocky. If you watch Game of Thrones, you are probably still scarred from Oberyn Martell’s brutal death at the hands of the Mountain. Arguably one of the most gruesome scenes the show has aired (which is really saying something), Oberyn lost his life when he could have won the battle because his cockiness blinded him.
  • Live each day like it’s your last. Valar morghulis is basically the “YOLO” of Game of Thrones. It means all men must die, and it’s a message that holds true in both the series and in real life. It could be tomorrow, or it could be in ninety years, but we’re all going to leave this Earth eventually, so while we’re here we should remember to cherish every moment.