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Joe Burrow, More Than a Heisman Winner

Other than a national championship title, arguably the most sought-after award across all college football players is the Heisman trophy. This year, the candidates were outstanding including Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields and Ohio State defensive end Chase Young. Coming out on top was LSU quarterback Joe Burrow and while his win meant the world to him and his family, it also made an incredible impact on his hometown of Athens, Ohio and the greater Baton Rouge community.

When Burrow took the stage to accept the coveted honor, he was prepared to speak from the heart on what the distinction truly meant to him. After thanking his family, coaches and fellow players for helping him become the leader and athlete he is today, he turned the tables to focus on his upbringing in Athens, Ohio. He talked about the poverty level in the area and the sad reality that many kids often go to bed hungry. That simple statement had an impact that Joe couldn’t have imagined.

LSU fans and those inspired by Burrow’s speech took to Facebook to start fundraisers for the local food banks in both Athens and Baton Rouge. To date, more than half a million dollars has been raised for the organizations to help feed the hungry. Joe Burrow may be an incredible athlete and he possibly may bring LSU their first national championship in over a decade, but he is also a leader and beacon of hope. If Joe Burrow, the undisputed Heisman champ and transfer student, can make it big so can the young football hopefuls in his hometown, regardless of income or status.