How to Leverage Foodie Holidays for PR Success

As PR pros, we are constantly searching for relevant and timely angles to hook the media – it’s the bread and butter of our industry. Recently, there has been a surge in news coverage on fun, quirky national food holidays, like National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (yeah, it’s a thing).

We all know about New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, basic holidays that are built into marketing strategies at most companies. In the restaurant industry, the real money lies within the holidays most consumers are unaware of, unless you’re foodie nerds like us, of course. Arguably, special occasions like National Taco Day, National Cheeseburger Day and National Coffee Day are more important to restaurants than the “traditionally observed” holidays because, in a way, these days were practically created for restaurants to leverage for promotions. So why not capitalize on the random, interesting set of holidays for some extra PR buzz? Here’s how the fish team did it.

We were tasked with driving consumer attendance and media awareness for one of our clients, Stevi B’s, by leveraging National Pi Day. Our strategy targeted customers and national media by positioning the brand as the premier restaurant to celebrate Pi Day, with a $3.14 buffet promotion. As a result, we secured more than three dozen national online media hits, including Good Morning America, People magazine, NBC News, TIME, ABC news, Parade magazine, Yahoo and USA Today, which garnered an audience reach of more than 750 million for Stevi B’s.

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