Don’t be like me — How to keep your desk plant alive

As a celebration gift for our new office space, I was given an awesome cactus arrangement from Plant the Future, which is a boutique floral store here in Miami. Originally, it had 4 verities of Cactus, but thanks to my “green thumb” it’s now dwindled down to one hearty lil’ cactus left. It all started to go downhill because I over-watered the plant, and from there, the surrounding cactus decided it was their time to go, as well. Although, I was sad to see my arraignment shrinking, having this plant always brought a smile to my face. According to the American Psychological Association’s PsycNet study found that workers in spaces with even just a couple of plants showed 15 percent higher productivity compared to those in lean surroundings. Another perk? Live plants promote healthier indoor air, which research by the National Institute of Environmental Health Services has shown affects cognitive functioning in the workplace.

 That being said, in an effort to save the plants and help my fellow office peeps keep their plants alive, here are three easy plant care tips from our friends at Apartment Therapy:

  1. Water sparingly. Once a week should be sufficient if your plant has adequate drainage, a suitable saucer or trap beneath the container and isn’t root-bound.
  2. Give it a rest. It’s OK to cut back a bit on watering and completely on feeding during the fall and winter. Allow your plant its natural dormant period.
  3. See the light. If you have a bright, south-facing or west-facing window, choose your plants accordingly. Unfortunately, most home have lower light levels, so choose plants that grow well in indirect or filtered light conditions.

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