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Bouncing Back from Getting Ghosted

Ghosting is the newest “sensation” in dating, where someone ends a relationship by suddenly and without explanation ending all communication (I use sensation in quotations since the behavior is far from sensational). While I *knock on wood* have never experienced this in my personal life, I realized the other day that I, along with several of my colleagues, have actually experienced this in our professional life. No, there isn’t a PR version of Bumble, but occasionally you will get a bite from a reporter, try to set up an interview or get more details on the opportunity, and consequently never hear from them again. What gives?

Just like in dating, getting ghosted by a reporter is a totally crappy feeling. At Fish, securing a huge national placement for your client generally includes screaming up and down at your desk, running around the office like a crazy person, and of course ringing our signature bell in the back that designates someone just locked something awesome in. So, when a week later the reporter ghosts you, it can really be as heartbreaking as a breakup. Luckily for you, I’ve dealt with this unfortunate situation once or twice in my PR career, and have developed a simple 5 step guide to bouncing back from getting ghosted. It is as follows:

  1. You got screwed over, and that sucks. It’s OK to be angry. Send a bunch of bitter Skypes to your co-workers complaining. Totally vent.
  2. You thought you just landed a huge story only to have it slip out of your fingers. Embrace it. Make yourself a cup of tea and listen to Adele for 10 minutes.
  3. Let the unexpected failure motivate you to come up with an even better idea that you’ll pitch to an even better contact.
  4. You went back at it, and locked in a new placement with a reporter that didn’t end up ghosting you. Your client is pumped, your team is pumped, you’re pumped. Success feels good.
  5. Brag about yourself and go ring the bell, you earned it.