5 Tips for Those Traveling for the Holidays

Am I the only one that can’t believe this year is basically over? It seems like just a couple weeks ago we were getting used to writing 2018 and today as I was wrapping up gifts to set under the tree, it hit me. The holidays are here and millions of Americans are planning their Christmas or New Year’s travels. Whether you are braving the crowds and flying or driving to see family this year, there’s something for all of us to consider as we embrace the holiday rush.

Ditch traveling on the weekends
I know it’s the ideal time to travel, but avoid getting on the road or making your way through airport lines on weekends. Not only will it be cheaper for you to get to your destination on a weekday, but also save you time and stress.

Do your homework
Knowing the ins and outs of the airports you’ll be traveling through and highways you’ll be using will save you time, money and energy. If you know that I-95 traffic is bumper to bumper at 5 p.m., avoid hitting the road at that time. The same goes for those making it to the airport. Researching the airport and time it’ll take you to get to relatives’ homes after you land, will help you decide on which method of transportation is best.

Plan for delays
Layovers, backed up roads and winter storms are common disruptors during this time of year. Plan ahead and stay alerted on the latest changes on the roads and in the air. Nothing will make traveling during the holidays any worse than missing a flight or holiday tradition due to lack of planning.

Don’t over pack
Most of us will be traveling with one or more companions during this time of year. That means, two bags per person and endless gifts to add to the suitcases. Pick out, as best as possible, the outfits you’ll be wearing during your trip and leave extra room in your bags. Remember, just like you’re giving out gifts to others, others will be giving you gifts as well.

Remember entertainment and snacks
Whether you are in your mid-30s or 4 years old, we all behave a little better on trips with good snacks and entertainment. Charge up the iPads, download a couple Netflix shows and pack everyone’s favorite snack. Being hangry and bored is not a good combo.