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5 Best La Croix Flavors

A Fish office staple, you’ll never catch our office refrigerator without a full supply of La Croix. Although it’s safe to say in general, La Croix is pretty amazing — not all the flavors are created equal. Here’s a breakdown of my top 5 favorite flavors and why.


If you’re feelin’ fancy, Pamplemousse is for you (grapefruit for all of us normal folks!). If you’re a veteran La Croix lover, you’ll know that this flavor is one of the originals and has obviously stuck around because it’s bubbly-goodness and citrus flavor.


Call me boring, but on a hot summer day in South Florida, there’s NOTHING more refreshing than a crisp Pure La Croix.


If I’m being perfectly honest, this may or may not be too sweet for me, but I still have a special place in my heart for this flavor. Perfect for when you’re trying to give up your sugary-soda ways, this is the ultimate alternative to joining the sparking water world.

Mure Pepino

By far the prettiest can (in my opinion) this has been my new go-to thanks to my fellow Fishie, Andie, who introduced me to this flavor! Mind in taste, this flavor reminds me of a day-at-the-spa because of the blackberry and cucumber flavors.

Passion Fruit

Need I say more? Not only is this flavor my absolutely favorite, the can design is pretty fab, too.