20 Questions with Lorne Fisher

If you know Lorne, then you know he’s a man of many, many… many words and a world class schmoozer. If you’ve been lucky enough to see him at a conference, then you’ve had the chance to witness him in action… most likely with a drink in hand (pro tip – if you want something from Lorne, catch him while he’s sipping his standard bourbon on the rocks). When he’s not rubbing shoulders with the industry elite, you can find Lorne in his office (probably blasting Mumford & Sons), on a call, making his “sup peeps” rounds at Fish HQ and doing other CEO-ish things to keep the Fish ship moving forward. Want to know more about our fearless leader? Keep reading to see what he’s revealing in our latest 20 questions installment.


How has Fish changed from when you first opened the agency to today?
Fish is completely different, much better than the days in the closet! That’s right, when I first started Fish, it was basically me and my wife working from a closet in a wedding singer’s office… great story over a drink! Today, we’re a real business with a great team that makes it all happen.

What three words do you think your team would use to describe you?
Annoying (just kidding… I hope 🙂 ). I think they would say intense, respectful and supportive.

What’s your funniest Fish memory?
During our annual Summer Fun day this year, the team thought it would be great idea build an entire trivia game around a collection of Lorne-isms, embarrassing moments and dad jokes. They pretty much roasted me, but it was hysterical. They had me crying from laughter. They’re lucky I can take a joke 😉

If you weren’t CEO, what other role at the agency would you want to have? Why?
I love getting to work with the entire team and our clients as CEO. I always get such a thrill when I see team members succeed with the media, clients and each other. It’s incredibly rewarding! Not sure I could get that in another role but if I had to choose, I’d put myself back in a role where I was pitching. Developing creative angles and engaging with the media were always some of my favorite parts of the job and ones I don’t get to do often as CEO.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Best piece of advice I’ve ever received was from a past boss during an annual review. Amongst other feedback – which wasn’t so positive – he said I shouldn’t try so hard to be a manager but instead, just be myself. My career changed from that day forward. Respect is the key to leadership – up and down!

Early bird or night owl?
I’m definitely an early bird. My brain usually shuts down after 10 p.m. In the old days that was different, but I can’t hang like I used to!

What are you currently binge watching?
I just finished House of Cards Season 6 and was very disappointed. My wife dragged me into You, but looking for something new.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Assuming that red meat was not bad for you in this alternate universe, NY Strip medium rare with hash browns and an ice cold gin martini.

If it were up to you, what would your song selection be for conference line hold music?
Something by Prince, John Mayer or Mumford & Sons.

Bloody Mary or Mimosa? And you can’t say both, although I’d absolutely respect it.
Definitely Bloody Mary – spicy with hot peppers.

You can bring anyone as a date to a dinner party, dead or alive, who’s your plus one?
Clearly my wife, but that’s really not what you’re asking. I’d have to say Malcolm Gladwell. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of his books – especially What the Dog Saw. He is one of the greatest storytellers and would love to hear what he says over dinner and drinks, of course.

We know you can’t sing, but what’s your go-to karaoke song?
I’m a terrible singer but if I were doing karaoke, it would be a Prince tune for sure, probably an obscure one like Starfish & Coffee. Look it up – it’s on the Sign of the Times album.

What’s your party trick?
No real party trick, but I can talk mixology with the bartender. I used to work for ABSOLUT Vodka!

Pick your poison – straight shot or mixed cocktail?
While shots work, bourbon or gin on the rocks!

House Stark or House Targaryen?
Easy – House Stark all the way. They better get the iron throne!

If you could spend a year living anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Where ever I’d live would have to have a lot of golf courses – Hawaii, Scotland, Ireland. Hoping I wouldn’t have to work either!

When was the last time you told a lie? And if you say you don’t lie, then your answer should be “right this second.”
When I told Andie I can’t wait to complete these 20 questions.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I’d love to be a bit easier going and more carefree. Probably not going to happen but hey, you asked!

Besides an ice cold cocktail, what motivates you?
My family. I know it’s cheesy, but they drive and motivate me every day. I love seeing them achieve great things.

If your name were an acronym, what would it stand for?