20 Questions with Courtney Whelan

Courtney’s approaching her one-year anniversary at Fish, but has already established a track record of success that takes most people a lifetime to achieve. What I’m trying to say is… Courtney is a total badass. From managing account projects to securing national media for clients including Dunkin’ Donuts, Tropical Smoothie Cafe and Orangetheory Fitness, she’s the real deal. Her killer style and enviable hair (seriously… it’s like, so perfect) are just the icing on the cake. When Court’s not delivering top-notch work at Fish, she can most likely be found jet-setting somewhere, perfecting her hot yoga craft and being the best doggy mommy to her adorable toy poodle, Maddie.

Work you and personal you likely differ slightly. So how would your friends describe you?
Most of my personal friends have known me since high school or before, which means they know me really well. That being said, I’d hope they’d describe me in the most PC way possible, witty, fun, creative and loyal.

And how would Lorne describe you?
Not sure, you’d have to ask him but I would hope he’d say I’m one of the most dedicated, hardworking and most brilliant employees he’s ever hired 😉

Bookworm or TV addict?
TV addict hands down. I have a terrible habit of starting books and then not finishing them. The last book I finished to completion was The Girl on the Train. I’m a die-hard fan of anything on premium television (Game of Thrones, Billions, Ray Donovan, Outlander, etc.) and of course, Netflix (Breaking Bad, House of Cards, The Killing, Stranger Things, Making a Murder, etc.) I could literally go on but I realize that I’m running the risk of looking like I have no life.

What’s your funniest Fish memory?
I don’t know if this counts but the team recently told me a story that didn’t even involve me, as it happened before my time here at Fish, but I don’t think I’ve laughed harder since hearing it. At our last weekly office meeting I was told of the time that the entire office played an April Fool’s prank on the boss. Before 9am, everyone in the office emailed him separately with a different reason of why they couldn’t come into the office that day. Everything from stepping in a pile of poop to blowing out their tire. Lorne was so confused and apparently didn’t even put it together until everyone eventually walked in that morning.

If you were Lorne for a day, what would you do?
That’s a tough one but probably make bringing in our dogs to work mandatory, although we already do that when he’s not around 🙂

Early bird or night owl?
I’ve always considered myself a night owl until recently. Joining Orangetheory has really motivated me to get up bright and early so I can get my workout in before the craziness of the day begins and after the craziness is over, I know I can go straight home to food, bed, TV and puppy!

What are you currently binge watching on Netflix?
I just finished watching Marcella and revisited The Killing.

Tacos – hard shell or soft shell?
Soft tacos, 100%.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My hanger. It’s uncontrollable at times.

If it were up to you, what would your song selection be for conference line hold music?
Music is great but I would prefer recordings of Howard Stern any day.

Bloody Mary or Mimosa? And you can’t say both, although I’d absolutely respect it.
Normally I would say hands down Bloody Mary but since last July 4th I think I’ve grown an aversion to what was once my favorite drink. I reluctantly must go with mimosas for this one.

You can bring anyone as a date to a dinner party, dead or alive, who’s your plus one?
My grandfather. He passed away last year but was one of the great loves of my life. I’d give anything to have one more date with him.

We know you can’t sing, but what’s your go-to karaoke song?
This is really bizarre but I’ve recently found that I have a talent for impersonating Cher. Because of this I’ve been catching myself singing Do You Believe in Life After Love (only in my Cher impression, of course) way too often.

What’s your party trick?
Flip Cup champ since ‘07.

Pick your poison – straight shot or mixed cocktail?
Mixed cocktail for sure, my go-to drink right now is a dirty martini.

Amy Poehler or Amy Schumer?
I have respect for each one of these ladies but I gotta go with Amy Schumer on this one. Her stand-up special on Comedy Central tops by list of all time favorites, right up there with Dave Chappelle and Louis CK.

If you could spend a year living anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I can only speak about the places I’ve been. I recently traveled to Europe and absolutely fell in love with Nice, France. The culture, the history, the architecture, the food and the beaches, it was sheer paradise. That and I took French in college, so I think it would be nice to immerse myself in a culture so to really be able to learn a language.

When was the last time you told a lie? And if you say you don’t lie, then your answer should be “right this second.”
I pretty much lie to myself every week when I promise to start my “diet.”

Besides an ice cold cocktail, what motivates you?
Cheesy but true, my boyfriend. He is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I know. The commitment he shows to his career, continuing his education, traveling and exploring motivates and inspires me everyday to be the best version of myself I can be.

If your name were an acronym, what would it stand for?
Traveler (aspiring)