15 Years Later – The Spirit of Wicked Lives On

On Monday night, NBC put on A Very Wicked Halloween, which celebrated 15 years of one of the most successful musicals of our time. Wicked is like the Harry Potter of Broadway, but why is it loved by so many?

It’s relatable! Sure, there is a supernatural element, but look at the base. The two main characters, Elphaba and Glinda, could have been picked right out of your high school. Elphaba is shy and misunderstood and Glinda is popular and the image of beauty. As a result, Elphaba is bullied and Glinda is praised. Depending on who you relate to the most, the emotions those girls felt aren’t far off from your own.

Then, there is the undeniable talent. When Wicked launched in 2003, Elphaba was cast as Idina Menzel and Glinda was cast as Kristin Chenoweth. These women are powerhouses and had the ability to take your breath away with each incredibly challenging performance. Of course, there were more characters than just Elphaba and Glinda, but these two were captivating. Also, shout out to the set designers because they made you feel like you were sitting in Oz. The stage was interactive and stunning.

Overall, the story captured hearts across the country and abroad because it taught a great lesson. Wicked showed everyone that being true to who you are means more than trying to fit in. Elphaba lived a life of ridicule and though Glinda became her friend, she never felt like she belonged. Even after the entire town wanted her dead, Elphaba didn’t give in and stood true to her beliefs (that Oz was evil, which he was). She left a life where she couldn’t be herself and that is admirable.