Zen Life: 5 Steps to a Good Groove

Bring stuck in a slump sucks! If it’s an hour, a day, or a week, it’ll feel as though the world isn’t merely resting on your shoulders, it’s smashing them. Below are 5 steps to help pull your mind back to a place of happy and healthy thoughts.

Visualize Your Best Moments

Building positive momentum starts with your mind. Start by visualizing your most successful moments. Maybe it was the time you aced a presentation, or nailed that workout routine, or finally kissed that boy you’ve had a crush on. Remember, and feel the happy emotions you felt at the time. Realize that you created that moment and you will do so again.

Assess Your Environment 

Your everyday environment has a lot to do with your emotional well-being. Write down 7 – 10 elements that are important for you to have in your daily life. Whether they’re in your home, office, or city/town. Ask yourself if the place you’re in matches some of the elements in your list. If not, work on bringing more of those elements into your life.

Hang Around Great People

Make an effort to befriend good people who support you – and make sure to do the same for them. You can make more friends by actively participating in activities you’re passionate about, like going to a language exchange or an entrepreneur-networking event.
Remember, you are the company you keep.

Adopt Better Habits 

Practice daily habits such as meditation, affirmations, exercising, visualizing, and reading. These small, daily improvements will make a big difference over time.

Take Action 

Write out a goal you have for yourself, and figure out one small action you can take right now that gets you closer to achieving it. Having a long-term goal that can be achieved by accomplishing daily or weekly, short-terms goals will be the key to success.