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When Meghan Met Harry

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex aka Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle recently announced that they will be stepping back as ‘senior’ members of the British Royal Family and split their time between England and North America and who can blame them?

The two have had a long sordid history with the media. Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, was killed in a car accident over 20 years ago after a chase with the paparazzi and ever since Meghan and Harry began dating the British press has hounded the two of them. Meghan has continued to receive harsh criticism in the press about every aspect of her tumultuous relationship with her family which has been publicized and even monetized by her own family members. In fact, the couple sued the Mail on Sunday Newspaper back in October of last year, alleging the paper published private letters Meghan penned to her father.

While they are not completely abandoning the monarchy, they are opting out of the system and gaining the private life they’ve always yearned for. With their decision to step back from these leading roles within the royal family they will no longer have to be subject to interviews by the British press who are allowed access to royal events. Not that they need my okay, but I firmly salute the two for doing what’s best for their family, especially with the recent birth of their first child. Cheers to their next chapter of life in 2020!