What Does Your Alarm Clock Say About You?


5am, 6am, 7am … or 10am (if you’re lucky), whatever time you set your morning clock for we are all greeted, or annoyed is probably a more accurate word, with some type of alarm system. But what does your choice of ring tone and morning routine say about you?

I took this opportunity to investigate some of the sleeping habits of the people in my life and found that on average most people tend to fall into 1 of the following 4 categories:

The “easy morning riser”

This is the type of person I envy (cough cough my boyfriend), the one who has no issues whatsoever in getting out of bed in the morning. The ringtone that best describes this person has to be the Classic iPhone, “Alarm” – you know the one – the tune that literally blares a horn repeatedly until you literally feel like you’re waking up to reveille. This person hops out of bed on the first attempt and is ready to take on the day… again, teach me your ways. 

The “self-starter”

 This one is an interesting phenomenon best known as the circadian rhythm, which regulates the body’s internal master clock. This type of person almost doesn’t even need an alarm to wake up at the same time every morning. While I have not achieved this status, my dog certainly has, I know this because without fail she wakes me up at 5am almost on the dot crying for her breakfast (she’s lucky she’s cute, that’s all I have to say about that).

The “snoozer”

This ringtone has me written all over it, also best described through ring tone as “Slow Riser”. This is the type of person who quite literally sets their alarm 30 minutes to an hour before they actually need to wake up so they can snooze a hundred times before being forced to get out of bed. Does this make any sense? No. Does it inevitably make you more tired? Yes. What can I say, there is no logic but its been working for me for the past 28 years and I don’t see any signs of stopping now. 

The “slept through the alarm-er”

 Everyone knows one of these, the person who somehow constantly forgets to either set their alarm or is always hitting the “off” button in a sleepy haze instead of hitting snooze or just sets the alarm for silent accidently. Whatever today’s excuse is, this person just can’t seem to wake up! My suggestion if this sounds all too familiar is set multiple alarms, in different areas of your room, that are out of arms reach. Check out this list of “offbeat” alarms if this is you —

So, there you go – did we get everything? Which category do you fall into? Be sure to comment and tell us which morning riser you are!