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Top Motivational Tips When You’re Feeling…Blah

If you’re human and a member of the workforce, there was most likely a time in your life or career when you felt unmotivated. If you do a quick Google search, there are probably over 100 articles with tips and tricks on how to stay inspired.

I’m always looking for the best ways to stay efficient and highly motivated so I can produce top results for my firm. Instead of calling today #MANICMONDAY, let’s dub today #MOTIVATIONMONDAY.

In honor of this sleepy summer, check out these top tips I compiled and implement them into your own life. We are all allowed to feel “blah” every once in a while. The question is this: How can you get out of it and be the best, most successful version of yourself?

Make a Plan and Finish What You Start

When I need motivation to get started, I always make a list. Similar to every public relations professional in the agency world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed managing client loads. That said, once you have your agenda written out, you’ll feel motivated (and organized!) to accomplish your goals. Once you start a task, try to finish it before you get started on the next item on the list. I found this quote online, and related to its message. “Motivation is not a mysterious force that comes from somewhere else, it is a direct result of how one manages oneself.”

10 Minutes for Every 50

This may be an older trick in the book, but I was taught this tip when I first started in my career and still find it to be helpful today. For every 50 minutes of work, make sure to take a 10-minute break. Listen to a song, catch up with a coworker, eat a healthy snack or even take a quick walk. In an ideal world, I could work for four hours, take a lunch break, and continue working for another 4-5 hours. I find myself feeling unmotivated towards the latter end of the day, which is why the 10 for every 50 rule works best for me. I always come back to my laptop feeling refreshed and ready to get the job done.

Know Your Peak Moments

Also known as being “in the zone” – this is the time where you feel most motivated to get your work done. For me, this is early in the morning. I know what works best for me, and that means if I have three press releases to write in one day, I should get started early in the morning when I’m feeling refreshed versus 3 p.m. when I’m starting to feel brain fry. Others feel motivated to write at 5 p.m. When do you feel most on top of your game?