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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

The end of the year is always a time of self-reflection and with 2020 on the horizon, many people plan to use the new decade as a fresh start. Whether it’s focusing on one’s wellbeing by breaking a bad habit or improving one’s financial stability, the new year is a chance to create goals and intentions.

While it seems that resolutions are personal to our lives, there are a few common goals that apparently all of us want to improve.  According to, the top New Year’s resolutions include:

  • Eat healthier and exercise more
  • Save more and spend less
  • Learn a new skill or hobby
  • Quit smoking
  • Find another job


Unfortunately, as determined as we are to set a goal, only about 8% of us will actually complete it according to To ensure you accomplish your resolutions, follow a few simple tips:

  • Be specific
  • Track your progress via journal, photos or an app
  • Make it realistic
  • Set a timeline
  • Reward yourself for completing the goal

Cheers to a great 2020 and finishing all of our resolutions!