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The New Instagram Craze: Presets

If you login to your Instagram account right now, you’ll probably find various influencers filling your explore page and most likely, your feed. These influencers have successfully captivated the public by leveraging their passion for food, beauty or fashion to create thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing content that is relatable and engaging. The genuine relationships they’ve built through their platforms and the weight their recommendations carry have led to numerous paid partnerships and collaborations. But their entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t stopped there – many influencers are now in the presets game.

If you don’t know what a preset is, it’s basically a pre-saved filter. Instead of going through Instagram and fixing each photo to your liking, presets essentially save your preferred set of edits so you can easily apply them to the next image. Unless an influencer has a photographer, which many do, he/she will be editing the photos themselves. You’ll notice most influencer pages have a set color palette, which makes their page look more cohesive. It typically gives a light and airy feel, shying away from bold colors and brightening the pastels.

Capitalizing on the popularity of their Instagram profiles, influencers have started selling their presets. And when I say influencers – I mean I’ve purchased a few presets and I’m not going to lie, I love them! Yet another example of the value in influencer recommendations. If you are interested in buying a preset, go on Instagram and head to your explore page. You’ll be sure to find tons of options, but don’t feel like you need to fit in! Your page is beautiful just the way it is.