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The Brave and Selfless Heroes of the Dayton and El Paso Shootings

Last week, our country was rocked by two senseless and tragic acts that took the lives of many. I’ll spare you the details, as the devastating news has been filling up our newsfeeds and hearts with disbelief and fear every day since. We’ve all heard the saying ‘through tragedy comes strength’ and as the country heals, we are comforted by the thought that not all humanity has been lost. It’s because of the heroes that risked their lives to save innocent victims that we feel that sense of hope. A few of the incredible heroes are below:

Jeremy Ganger, Bouncer at Ned Peppers bar in Dayton

The night of the shooting, Jeremy was stationed as security at the front door of Ned Peppers. According to an interview he gave to USA Today, he saw the gunman start to approach the entrance, so he started pushing patrons inside and yelling at them to get down. Jeremy then blocked the door with his body, fully expecting to die for the innocent people inside. Luckily, police opened fire on the shooter before he fully reached the door, but authorities say the gunman would have killed hundreds more if he was able to get inside the bar. Jeremy, you are a true angel!

Gilbert Serna, Supervisor at Walmart in El Paso

Gilbert is credited with saving dozens of lives after a gunman opened fire inside a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. According to an interview he gave to TODAY, Gilbert opened a fire exit in the back of the store and hid customers, many elderly, in shipping containers behind the building. In addition to the nearly 100 customers he helped escape, he also helped victims with gunshot wounds make it safely to a nearby Sam’s Club – an act that will not soon be forgotten. Gilbert, you are a remarkable man.

Kayla Miller, Nurse

Kayla Miller is a critical care nurse that was at Ned Peppers celebrating a friend’s 25th birthday when the gunman opened fire inside the bar. In an interview she gave to TODAY, as she was running for safety, she noticed a line of gunshot victims outside of the bar. Instead of continuing to run, she started performing CPR on the wounded. Her bravery saved lives and its women like her that make us believe in good. Kayla, you are a gift.