Tiffany Trilli Fish Consulting

Tiffany Trilli, Account Manager

Tiffany was referred to Fish through a friend at another agency, proving that it’s who you know – although, Tiffany has the “what you know” part of the equation covered too. Tiffany recently graduated from UCF in Orlando where she majored in Advertising and Public Relations and minored in Dance. So don’t be surprised if she choreographs the next Fish holiday party dance.

During college, Tiffany was very involved in her sorority and lived in the house for three years with 54 other girls – a sign that she’ll fit right in at Fish. Besides the fact that she knows how to get along with a large group of females, Tiffany is very organized, driven and just really fun to be around.

Her daily tasks include assisting with the pitching process, social media content, building media lists and monthly coverage reports. Tiffany is looking forward to handling a project from start to finish. She loves being able to see everything come together.

Another thing Tiffany loves is hanging out with friends and spending time with her mom. In Tiffany’s words, “We’re besties. My mom really knows how to hang.” Although her family never gave her a nickname, she’s noticed that people randomly start calling her by her last name. Who can blame them? Trilli is so fun to say. Go ahead and give it a try, you’re guaranteed to smile. Working with Tiffany has the same effect.