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Stephanie Casado, Fish Account Coordinator

Stephanie Casado, Account Coordinator

Stephanie is what you might consider a modern-day Renaissance woman. She has a degree in communications and a certification in culinary arts, can sing and play some instruments, spent the last 3+ years as an editor at a Miami TV station, knows more about K-pop and professional wrestling than any of us combined, loves traveling, and, of course, knows how to craft a great story. With such an eclectic mix of interests, we think she was born for the always-changing, fast-paced PR agency life.

Stephanie was born in New York, but is a South Florida girl at heart and loves being just minutes away from the beach. She started out as a psychology major at Florida Gulf Coast University, but realized it wasn’t her thing. Where she really thrived was in PR, which gave her a chance to think strategically, be creative, and show off her writing skills.

We knew the minute Stephanie’s resume landed in our inbox that her background in TV news would be a huge asset to the agency. Not only does she have an eye for a good story and bring a fresh perspective to what it takes to land coverage in broadcast media, but also Stephanie is super in tune with pop culture, current events, politics, and local news. We are so glad you came to “the other side,” Stephanie!