Shannon O’Reilly, Senior Account Manager

Shannon O’Reilly brings a decade of public relations and marketing experience to the Fish Consulting team. Shannon truly has a knack for finding interesting angles to every story she touches. She says her success in the industry can be attributed to her insatiable hunger to land the story no one else can and that her greatest strength is tracking down media contacts the old-school way — serious stalking. Her advice to anyone looking to enter the public relations field is to ALWAYS do your research and find the right reporter for the story.

This Barry University graduate has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry and boasts expertise in commercial real estate, hospitality and law firm public relations. Her favorite part about working at Fish is the close-knit culture. Although Shannon doesn’t own a pet of her own, she loves the fact that she can play with her colleagues’ furry friends at the office.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys laying on the beach and reading the best of Jackie Collins’ romance novels. She’s an avid New York Post, The Wall Street Journal and TMZ fan. And for some reason, Shannon has an unexplainable need to binge every episode of Lockup on MSNBC. Oh, and we can’t forget her love affair with bread and cheese (actually, carbs in general).

Fun fact: Shannon appeared on an MTV True Life episode. But, the title of that episode is for us to know and you to find out.