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Nikki Rode, Fish Consulting

Nikki Rode, Account Manager

We knew Nikki would fit right in with the Fish family when we learned she appeared in a few Disney commercials as a kid. If she could get people excited and talking about brands and products at such a young age, who knew what she could achieve as an adult.

We also learned that Nikki is obsessed with country music. No, really obsessed. She’s been to over 25 concerts, has met Rascal Flatts twice (she only cried once though) and won a competition to meet Florida Georgia Line while studying at University of Florida. Speaking of studying, Nikki also developed a passion for travel at a young age after studying abroad in the 7th grade(!). After exploring France, Italy and Spain as an intrepid 13-year old traveler, she embraced the adventure again during college and studied in London, Belgium and Paris.

Nikki’s background is broadcast journalism and her inside knowledge about what actually happens in a newsroom is James Bond-worthy intel. Our weekly brainstorming sessions are somehow even more creative and precise with her input. She knows how to crush deadlines and craft tempting headlines and pitches that get attention for clients like Chicken Salad Chick, Mosquito Squad, Fleet Feet and Cleaning Authority.

Nikki’s adventurous spirit and willingness to try new ideas and approaches is an inspiration to us all. Now if we can just inspire her to bring Boo, her half-Pug half-Chihuahua (officially a Chug), into the office every now and then…