Michelle Estevam, Senior Account Manager

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Michelle basically ran to South Miami once given the chance—it might’ve had something to do with escaping the negative 20-degree winters. Apart from being a highly skilled snow shoveler, Michelle is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh and is currently working on her Masters in Communications online with Purdue University with hopes of one day achieving a PhD. Yep, she basically wants to take the world by storm. Luckily, Fish caught her on the rise! (See what we did there?)

Previously, Michelle worked for a web hosting company performing in-house PR, focusing on strategic planning and writing. Not only that, she even picked up on franchising from working with local Harley-Davidson locations. At Fish, Michelle works her PR magic on franchise clients such as Coverall, FASTSIGNS, and Wendy’s, to name a few.

Outside of class and work, Michelle enjoys indulging her inner-foodie by trying new recipes and watching Netflix’s Chef’s Table with her husband. Which reminds us—her husband’s family has THE cutest nickname for her: Michelinha. It adorably translates to “little Michelle” in Portuguese.

Honorable mentions: Michelle has a slight obsession with BCBG— she’s practically the unofficial spokeswoman for the company. And as a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, who loves a great Cabernet Sauv but will happily make an exception for a New Zealand Sauv Blanc, you can say she pretty much fits in perfectly here.