Jenna Kantrowitz, Fish Consutling

Jenna Kantrowitz, Senior Vice President & COO

Some people spend their entire lives searching for a job they’ll love. Jenna was lucky enough to find her perfect match early in her career. Her undying love for Fish has transcended states and oceans. Jenna has worked in the South Florida office, opened up the first New York City office and most recently, made the move to the London office. She has been with Fish since the beginning and for that, we consider ourselves to be the lucky ones.

Jenna is one of our most seasoned communication experts. She has experience working on everything from traditional media relations and advertising to web design and influencer marketing. Jenna’s past and current client roster includes Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, Cheng Cohen and Dunkin’ International – just to name a few.

Aside from managing day-to-day operations for a majority of our clients, Jenna is also one of our best media specialists. She consistently gets clients on national morning talk shows, on the covers of major industry publications and into local news outlets.

Jenna being based in London with her husband, Justin, has come with a few perks for us back in the South Florida office. She introduced us to the crazy refreshing British cocktail, Pimm’s Cup, and says oddly cute things like “Pip pip to you. Cheerio.” We swear we’ve even caught her drinking tea with a pinky up…but we don’t hold it against her.