Take a Peek at Boston: One of the Oldest Cities in the Country

Cobblestone streets, outstanding food and beautiful parks are just some of the many charming features found throughout Boston. Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the city and can’t stop raving about it. From the first day driving through beautiful hills leading up to the city to the last day having an authentic clam chowder by the pier, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Breweries, hidden bars, markets and historic landmarks position this city as a top choice for everyone.

Sam Adam’s Brewery

What’s better than a free tour with complimentary samples? The Sam Adams Brewery is everything you’d imagine and more. Not only was the tour guide funny, engaging and witty, but you also really get to experience the step-by-step process brewers follow to get the perfect concoction into a bottle. While there, those 21 and over will get beer samples unique to the area and seen nowhere else. This was a fun and perfect way to start our stay in Boston.


Despite speakeasies mostly disappearing after the Prohibition Era ended, Boston has been able to bring that old-world feel to local bars and restaurants now popular for tourists in town. Yvonne’s, located near the Boston Common, captures the speakeasy vibes like no other. The energetic and unique ambiance takes you back to the 1800s and guests can expect to indulge in a fun vibe, upbeat music and delicacies that’ll leave you beyond satisfied and full. You have to try the Baked Alaska. Not kidding when I say this chocolate cake topped with meringue and salted caramel was a foot long. Reservations are highly recommended and once you get there don’t be fooled by the entryway, the bar is through the hidden doors behind the counter.

Quincy Market

A large hallway lined with restaurant stands on both sides is the best way to describe the centrally located Quincy Market. As you enter, you’ll notice an array of staple food items known to the locals. Lobster rolls, clams and fresh chowder are just a few of the many food options lined along the corridor. The market’s location is also a key factor to its popularity. Along the cobblestone roads leading to the front steps, local entertainers greet visitors with music and performances. My favorite was the violinist playing today’s hits like no other.

The Boston Common and Public Garden

The public parks in Boston are great place to escape the hustle of the city and breath in some fresh air. To best explore these parks, we decided to hop on the city bikes, which ended up being more of a workout then you’d think. The hills throughout the area will definitely make your legs burn, but it is definitely worth the effort. Renowned statues, beautiful gardens and swan boats are some of the top highlights to see during your visit here.

The Freedom Trail

Taking you on a 2.5-mile path of iconic museums and landmarks, the Freedom Trail is a piece of history treasured in the city of Boston. It was a great experience to see in person the 16 locations throughout the trail that played such a key role in our nation’s history. Some of my favorite stops include the Old South Meeting House, known as the place where the Boston Tea Party started, and Faneuil Hall, home to America’s first town meeting. If you decide walking the 2+ miles is too much, hop on one of the many city bikes lined along the streets.


To say Boston is a special city to visit is an understatement. If you happen to go through all the top attractions and want one last suggestion, walk through the streets of Beacon Hill. The robust architecture and trendy boutiques and cafes are a must see!