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Sorry Adults, the Kids Have Won Halloween

Every year, social media blows up with the holiday’s most creative and humorous attire. Adults, we try our best, but it’s the kids who really make this holiday special. From dressing up as your favorite UPS driver to today’s hottest celebrity, kids have a way of turning any costume into a crowd-pleaser. Kids look cute in pretty much any outfit though really! Many kids like to dress up as their favorite TV characters, like Tigger for example, their favorite bouncy friend, but it’s also adorable when kids dress up as adults too. Maybe it’s because we adults appreciate miniature adults more than TV characters but who really knows. Here are five costumes below that should really win an award for ‘Best in Show’.

Post Malone
Seriously, how cute is this kid?! I have full confidence that cigarette is not real…..but nevertheless, Posty would be proud of this mini-me.

Colonel Sanders
Everyone’s idol is different – yours may be Albert Einstein, but this little kid’s is America’s favorite chicken guru.

I’m fairly positive these kids have never seen the movie Grease, but who cares! This costumer is ADORABLE.

Elves on a Shelf
“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.” – ELF

Cardi Pup