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Say Hello to Stretch Zone – The Newest Brand Joining the Fish Roster

SGreat news! The Fish team is welcoming Stretch Zone to our remarkable lineup of clients. The largest franchisor in the stretching industry and the only company that combines a proprietary stretch method with patented stretching equipment, Stretch Zone is elevating industry standards and working with consumers of all walks of life to increases their muscle functionality, which makes daily movement efficient, effortless and, most importantly, pain free. 

Working together with Stretch Zone to help bring awareness on stretching and its benefits, the Fish team will be focusing on consumer-facing PR to get everyone talking about this emerging trend. Founded in 2004 by stretching expert Jorden Gold, Stretch Zone is the first of its kind to develop a system that brings assisted stretch to a mainstream audience.

Today, Stretch Zone has 60+ locations in 14 states so if you happen to be near one, check them out! Rest assured you’ll be seeing Stretch Zone’s name across online and print outlets in the weeks to come.