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Power of Positivity

At the start of a new year, expectations are always high. We want to be better people, make better choices and lead better lives. Personally, I made the decision to set aside my too often ‘negative Nancy’ thoughts and focus on the positives in every situation. It helps that my girlfriends decided to do the same, so we have our own little support group of sorts. A month into 2020 and the efforts I’ve made to stay positive have already made a difference! Give these two simple steps a try.

Start Today

If you aren’t familiar with Rachel Hollis, step it up! This best-selling author and motivational speaker is solely dedicated to helping others achieve personal growth and is one of the most inspirational women I currently follow. In addition to her many books, she also created a series of journals titled Start Today.  It’s a 90-day journal that has users set daily intentions and goals, with the main focus set on creating sustainable and achievable objectives. I’ve been sitting down with my journal every morning and feel I am living more intentionally.

Power of Positivity

When you set goals, you are more likely to accomplish them when you have a support system. I’m blessed to have friends that have similar aspirations and when I made the decision to live more positively, they jumped onboard. To help us stay accountable, we created a Facebook group called Power of Positivity. Every week, we share something we are proud of, thankful for or simply something inspirational. Surprisingly, members of the group have been posting more frequently than we thought and the positive vibes are spreading!

*Pro Tip: Create a mood board and put it somewhere you easily see every day. Being reminded of what your goals and intentions are will help you stay positive and focused!