Perks of a Millennial Driven Workplace


It’s no secret that the topic of Millennials is a hot choice for our blog here at Fish, and it makes sense, as our entire agency is practically made up of this generation (myself included). Over the past couple of years, several studies have come out about millennials in franchising, millennials and the importance of corporate social responsibility, millennials’ buying habits, and even studies about our generation in the workplace.

I recently came across the NextGen study, conducted by the University of Southern California and London Business School, to find out what makes our generation tick. I related greatly to the entire study of over 44,000 PricewaterhouseCoopers

employees (the largest professional services firm in the world), especially since Fish Consulting also places a huge emphasis on team collaboration, internal kudos and appreciation, and overall flexibility to further empower our generation.

Check out a few of these interesting facts I pulled from the study to consider implementing in your own small business:

  1. Millennials are willing to give up some of their pay and slow the pace of promotion in their careers in exchange for working fewer hours. Promoting greater work-life flexibility is key.
  2. Millennials tend to look for recognition rather than, or in addition to, money; rewards that will benefit them in life or in career-enhancing ways.
  3. Millennials say that creating a strong cohesive, team-oriented culture at work is important to their workplace happiness.
  4. Millennials are adept at leveraging technological advances.

As a millennial, finding that Fish had won awards in the past for its workplace culture was highly attractive when I joined the firm. Perks like office-wide brainstorms to come up with creative initiatives, summer office hours, the opportunity to win monthly awards, a clear path for upward mobility, and of course our upcoming “summer fun day” are all reasons why Fish continues to cater to the ever-growing millennial workplace.