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Nervous About Going Out? Here’s What You Can Do Instead

As mandates and stay-at-home orders are lifted, many businesses are reopening to the public. While people will venture out after months of social distancing at home, others will feel uneasy about being out in public again. After all, COVID-19 is still impacting many individuals and families across the globe. If you’re like me and are hesitant to step out like you used to before, here’s what you can do instead.

The Gym
During these last couple of months, I’ve learned that a gym membership doesn’t define how great of a workout I get in. If you’re unsure about revisiting your gym, consider going for a run around the block with a workout buddy or furry friend to keep you company. I’ve also found a couple apps that for a fair price offer at-home workouts that allow you to target different parts of the body you want to focus on that day. I recommend investing in a mat and good set of dumbbells to keep at home, as a good strength and weight routine is important to incorporate into your workout regimen.

Restaurant / Bar
Don’t get me wrong! There’s nothing more I would like than to go to our favorite spot in Fort Lauderdale or step outside for a much-deserved happy hour. However, while driving down our downtown area, it seems like many restaurants aren’t taking social distancing guidelines to heart as much as they should. That’s why, we’ve opted for takeout instead or dining at restaurants with plenty of outside space. Not only are we able to keep our distance away from the public, but also continue to support local business owners in our area. You can also try ordering a cookbook or mixology book and whip up a new recipe or cocktail at home.

Last week I went to Nordstrom rack here in South Florida, as I couldn’t resist their 40% storewide sale. However, we couldn’t use the dressing rooms nor return any of the items we purchased. That’s why, online shopping still seems to be the right move – at least until things get back to how they used to be. Many stores are opting for online sales to continue to drive revenue and support employees as much as they can. I’ve also had the opportunity to order from local boutiques in the area that are now offering free shipping and returns.

While nobody knows when we’ll get to step outside without wearing a mask or wiping our hands and cellphones with hand sanitizer, the best option right now is to keep a good attitude and know that brighter days are ahead. Until that day comes that we can do more, consider some of the options I listed out above.