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My Christmas Tree is Already Up and It’s Not Even December

This is a first for us. Typically, our Christmas lights and tree aren’t brought down from the closet shelf until the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, this year Thanksgiving is later than normal and with us traveling next week, figured why not get ahead of the game and bring the warmth and joy of the holidays into our home now. Aside from us just thinking it’s a great excuse to pull out all the ornaments early, Business Insider came out with an article in September that highlights a recent study on the holidays and the impact it has on our mood. According to their findings, those that choose to put up their Christmas décor early are happier. Not surprised and here’s why!

Holiday decorations can bring back memories of when you were young and the traditions you and your family created together.

Hanging lights and putting up Christmas ornaments can help you destress and forget about the troubles you might be facing. Focusing on blissful memories can result in strong emotions of happiness.

Decorating early can also force you to think of loved ones you’ve lost and make you feel connected or closer to them during this time of year and as you reflect on the good times you had together.

For me, not only is this time of year about reminiscing on the 18+ years I helped my parents put up Christmas décor, but is also a time for me to think about the new traditions I’m already creating with my husband and will build one day with my kids. So whether you’re in the mood for it or not, I suggest taking an hour or so tonight and putting those lights up.