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Life in Quarantine As Told By… Schitt’s Creek

I’m a frequent contributor to the Fish blog, and while I believe I’ve submitted some quality content over the years, my recent post on Life in Quarantine As Told By The Real Housewives is undoubtably my greatest work. I’ll admit that I never expected writing a blog post to be the most fun I’ve had in weeks, but here we are. In these unprecedented times, I’ll take what I can get in terms of entertainment.

Given that there is an endless supply of gifs on the internet and I currently have an endless supply of time, I’ve put together a second installment of my Life in Quarantine As Told By series – this time, featuring the incomparable hilariousness of Schitt’s Creek.

Everyone, everyday since mid-March

Responding to any invitations to any event in the near future

Week one: I’m going to use this time to focus on self care
Week three:

Mood 24/7

When you see someone leaving the store with 35 packages of toilet paper

The rest of the world in February: Full Panic Mode
America in February:

Dr. Fauci’s response to everything

Friday night plans in quarantine

What Americans look like to the rest of the world

Forcing your significant other to watch the Tik Tok dance you spent 4 hours learning

Anderson Cooper interviewing the Mayor of Las Vegas

Explaining why you haven’t done a single workout in quarantine

Coronavirus making its way all around the world

When you’re on your 7th Uber Eats order of the day

Couples trying to find things to do so they don’t kill each other

Opening your inbox every morning

Parents trying to force their 3rd grader to pay attention to their zoom class

“How ya holding up?”

New Zealand watching the rest of the world responding to the pandemic

The government when asked what the coronavirus response plan is

The state of my mental health

Realizing how high your alcohol tolerance is post-quarantine

Downloading Bumble out of boredom

The President: I never said coronavirus was a hoax
Reporter: Here’s a video of you saying that
The President:

Watching Instagram stories of people hanging out less than 6 feet apart

Hang in there everyone! Remember: