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Let’s Decorate the Office for the Holidays!

Decorating for the office is my favorite time of the year!!! Just kidding, I’m no elf. My go-to strategy is to recruit some elves and let them tell me what to do. And I’m here to share their secrets (and my amazon cart!)

Snowman Stickers
Our office is filled with glass walls. Offices, conference rooms and even our giant glass garage door. So what do we do? STICKERS. While they may be a total pain to put on (I can never find the edge), they’re absolutely adorable!!

Snowflakes and Streamers
Another great way to take advantage of all the vertical space in our office! Snowflakes always make me laugh, since most Floridians have never seen snow. And streamers are a great way to break up all that snow! We have streams in red, silver and blue. Let’s not forget we love to celebrate Hanukkah with our blue and silver accents!

Banners: Happy Holidays + Happy Hanukkah
Who doesn’t love a good banner? It’s a great way to fill up a space while bringing in color and fun! We may have ordered a custom banner this year…. 🙂