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Influencer Marketing: Helping #RunnersofInstagram Find Their Perfect Shoe at Fleet Feet

We just wrapped up one of THE coolest influencer campaigns to showcase Fleet Feet’s fit id® technology!

We partnered with six hyper-local influencers across markets nationwide in Seattle, Charlotte, Louisville, Wichita, Mishawaka (Indiana), and Washington, D.C. to develop content that showcases the brand’s enhanced outfitting experience, known as fit id®. The 3D foot-scanning technology now integrates dynamic pressure mapping which allows store Outfitters to evaluate a customer’s stride and weight distribution.

If you’re not familiar with the fit id® process, (we HIGHLY you recommend you check it out; to find a location with fit id® near you, click here) Fleet Feet’s state-of-the-art scanner uses a set of specialized cameras to capture 12 precise data points to construct a 3D image of your foot. As part of the outfitting process, you’ll also walk across a specialized pressure plate to analyze your gait pattern and the pressure points on your feet as you walk. The pressure plate records your path of motion to show exactly how you move and the differences between the left and right foot.

This data not only helps identify the perfect footwear for customers, but Fleet Feet, in collaboration with Superfeet, to develop custom, personalized insoles designed to fit each individual customer. You can thank us later for giving you the gift of the comfiest walk (or run) of your life 😉

Below are a few snapshots from the campaign: