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Here’s What You Need to Write a Grand Opening Press Release

While the pandemic has affected almost every industry you can think of, there are many business owners and companies that have been able to keep things moving as planned – including pulling off new grand openings across cities in the U.S. Among those fortunate enough to see this through have been some of our own clients at Fish, including running retailer Fleet Feet and fast casual restaurant Chicken Salad Chick.

To help these brands generate buzz and bring awareness to their new locations, we’ve been busy at Fish working on grand opening press releases. That’s why, I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you some of the details and information you should have when planning to do one of these on your own and how we make sure to capture the attention of media to spread the word in each local community.

Clearly state the opening date + location: One of the first things you’ll want to call attention to in a local press release is when and where the grand opening will be taking place. Include these important details in the first paragraph and don’t force readers to get through an entire announcement before they find out the date and address of this new location.

Include giveaway details, if applicable: It’s clear to see why many new businesses will kick off their grand opening with giveaways and free to-go items. People, in general, are more likely to attend an event or check out a new restaurant if they have an incentive. That’s why, if you’re hosting a grand opening and will be doing a raffle or special contest, be sure to add that in your announcement.

List social media pages at the bottom: Nowadays, most companies and local stores have a Facebook or Instagram page that loyal customers and new ones can follow. To further grow your social media following and possibly introduce your business to locals that may not be familiar with it, add in a line towards the end of the announcement with the social media pages you have and include a hyperlink reporters and editors can easily click on.

Don’t forget the contact information: At the top of the press release, your contact information should be listed out. The reason is that there’s no point in sending out a grand opening announcement if local media can’t get in touch with you. You want to make it as easy as possible for reporters to be able to reach out to you and including your name and an email are the best ways to do that. Keep in mind most reporters tend to stay away from phone calls.

While these are some of the most helpful tips that come to mind, there are plenty of others that will surely help your announcement and grand opening stand out from the rest. Visit the Fish Facebook or LinkedIn page to check out some of the most recent press releases and coverage we’ve secured for our clients celebrating grand openings.