Happy Halloween!

Wondering which Halloween costumes are the most popular for 2018? I’ve got you covered. Or I should say, CBS2’s Alex Denis has you got covered. But I’ve got pictures!

The #1 costume for 2018 are the characters from the record-breaking game, Fortnight. You may not know any of these characters, but let it be known, they kick ass!

Spider Man
With the new Spider Man movie,“Spider Man: Into The Spider-Verse”, coming out this December, it’s no surprise that Spider Man hits #2 on the list. For us gamers, it’s another incredible game that was released this year.

We really didn’t need a picture, but isn’t she simply adorable?!


Witches (nationally) Dolls (locally)

I’ll list that last 5, so I’m not bombarding you with adorable pictures of kids dressed up…

Harley Quinn

(Ok, I lied… honestly, it’s TOO cute not to share.)



A Princess