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Green Is The New Black

Since the release of the 2015 Nielsen report, Millennials have been labeled the “green generation” setting the landscape for consumer trends to come in the following years. According to the report, Millenials prioritize sustainability when thinking through a purchase and are even willing to pay more if a sustainable company makes the product. It is no secret Millennials have stepped in to the consumer spotlight and, as a result, businesses have been going green themselves in order to match consumer needs.

In 2019, franchising concepts are no exception as we are beginning to see sustainable franchises more and more. Here at Fish Consulting, we are proud to service several environmentally-friendly clients including:


This sustainable nail boutique franchise has been bringing healthy relief to hands + feet since 2017. PROSE uses high-quality, non-toxic and hypoallergenic products equipping each spa with industry leading sterilization techniques and built-in vents that create spaces free of overwhelming smells. The beauty franchise is on the forefront of ethical spa practices as it aims to transform the traditional hand + foot experience for customers, employees and the environment.

Conserva Irrigation

Conserva Irrigation is an eco-friendly service that specializes in commercial and residential irrigation services and solutions. Conserva recognized 1.5 billion gallons of water are wasted every day due to irrigation system run off and decided to take matters in to their own hands. As a result, Conserva was founded in 2010 to help alleviate senseless water waste while ensuring optimal results for lush lawns.

From salons to lawns, sustainability is taking a hold of industries across the board. If you own a business and are thinking about joining the environmental movement, you too can begin winning over consumers by implementing:

  • Reusable or Recycled Product Packaging
  • Cloud Computing
  • Recycled Electronics
  • Employee Incentives For Going Green
  • Green Building (i.e. solar energy)