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Blaze Pizza’s Brad Kent speaks with Forbes on how brands remain timely and culturally relevant

As part of our B2B strategy for Blaze Pizza, we seek out opportunities for the executive team to be the subject-matter-expert on a specific trend or business discussion within the industry. In this case, we secured an opportunity for co-founder and chief culinary officer, Brad Kent, to sit down with Forbes to discuss how brands are remaining timely and culturally relevant during a time when it’s incredibly difficult to do so.

With over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Chef Brad has focused majority of his career on food science and creating delicious food with all-natural ingredients. His passion for pizza led him to developing Blaze in 2011, the first do-it-yourself concept to the pizza segment, allowing guests to choose from a plethora of fresh ingredients to make their own creations. The ‘Blaze Your Way’ approach has caught on across the country, and now the brand has over 340 stores in operation.

Although many foodservice brans have expanded their menu throughout the last two years, Blaze Pizza has stuck to its build-your-own roots. In the Q&A, Chef Brad talks about why franchisees are attracted to a concept with a streamlined menu like Blaze’s, and how the menu holds so much of the concept’s identity. Additionally, he provides his thoughts and expertise on current labor shortage, digital innovation, the rising cost of goods, sustainability, marketing and more.

Here’s a link to the full Q&A with Forbes’ Gary Occhiogrosso: Blaze Pizza, How A Brand Remains Timely And Culturally Relevant