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Best and Worst Superbowl Ads of 2020

Wasn’t it so annoying when the commercials kept getting interrupted by some stupid football game all Super Bowl Sunday long? We all know that the true entertainment of the Super Bowl doesn’t stem from some ‘play’ made by a ‘quarterback’ or whatever they’re called – it’s all about the commercials and the half time show. We know that Shakira and JLO didn’t disappoint this year, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for some of the commercials. Here’s a ranking of my favorite 2020 Super Bowl commercials and the ones I thought were a swing and a miss.


  1. Google. Not sure if something that made me instantly sob uncontrollably for 20 minutes is necessarily my favorite commercial of the year, but it was definitely the most impactful. Alexa better NEVER forget that Loretta loved Alaska.
  2. Jason Momoa. I actually don’t remember what company this ad was for, so not sure if that reflects all that strongly on the actual ad itself, but Jason was hilarious in this.
  3. Microsoft. Katie Sowers’ team may have lost (see I do know SOME football stuff), but this commercial and her role as the first woman to ever coach in the Super Bowl were both a home run (or touch down, whatever).
  4. Tide. I’m a massive Schitt’s Creek and It’s Always Sunny fan, so there was no way this commercial wasn’t making my best-of list.
  5. Hyundai. If it has Captain America, it gets an A+ from me.


  1. Audi. Love Arya but seems like weird casting. Almost as weird as that time Game of Thrones had her kill the Night King instead of Jon Snow.
  2. Sabra. There was a massive social media campaign promoting Teresa Guidice and Caroline Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey were back together for this ad (for non-Bravo people: they are mortal enemies). With all the hype, this commercial was just a letdown, if I wanted to watch Teresa flip a table I’d just rewatch the season 1 finale (which admittedly I do once a month).
  3. Pepsi. No offense to Missy Elliott, but any Pepsi commercial that doesn’t involve Britney Spears is just a waste of time. (Exhibit A, Exhibit B. I rest my case).