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Bah HumBUG! Ways Fish Spins A Home Service Brand into the Holiday Season

When it comes to holiday press outreach at Fish Consulting it’s more than just getting into the best Holiday Gift Guides (hello, best stocking stuffers) or sharing festive new menu items, but also shining a light on home service brands during this busy season. For example, a great way we’ve weaved in our client Mosquito Squad is with a curated  “Bah HumBUG – Christmas Tree Pest Experts Tips” angle. We are not only sharing the most common Christmas tree bugs that you may find in your freshly cut fraser fir, but giving expert tips on how to stay bug free this holiday season from the pros at Mosquito Squad. 

Besides festive ornaments, curious to know could cozy up in your Christmas tree? Check out Mosquito Squad’s tips below. 

Most Common Christmas Tree Bugs: 

  • Aphids: these tiny critters love to suck sap from your tree. They are often black or brown and look similar to ticks, but have six legs. 
  • Adelgids: yellow or purple in color, these small insects can be found under the buds, candles or needle bases of your tree. 
  • Spiders: as a predatory feeder, spiders are always looking to feast on insects that are living in your tree. 
  • Bark Beetles: lookout for these beetles that are the size of a grain of rice and have either red, brown or black coloring. They enjoy feeding on stressed trees and prefer moist wood, so they pose no threat to the wooden structures in your home. 

How to Stay Bug Free: 

  • Vacuum: the simplest way to get rid of these bugs safely is by vacuuming and taking your cleaner bag to the outdoor trash.
  • Inspect Tree: take a bright flashlight with you when you go to select your trees and shine the light on several points of the tree looking for eggs or insects.
  • Shake Your Tree: many tree farms and retail locations will have a mechanical tree shaker that can be used. If not, vigorously shake the tree before you bring it home.