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Apps to Download Ahead of Your Trip to Europe

Let’s face it! It’s time we all put the joggers away and dust off our suitcases because travel season is back in full swing. It’s been a tough year and we all deserve a mental and emotional getaway. That said, planning an overseas trip is no joke. I’ve recently started researching everything and anything I need to know before heading off to Europe for 10 days and it’s a long process. Luckily, I’ve come to realize that there are an array of mobile apps that can be extremely helpful. The following are a rundown of those I’ve come across.

Skyscanner – To kick off your long-awaited trip, you’ll need to book your flight. In an effort to save time and money, download Skyscanner. This app is easy to navigate and will allow you to research flights, hotels and travel deals from across the world. It also has a number of filters to help you break down and customize your search down to a tee. – If you’re like me and are scared you’ll get lost in a new city, check out This app gives users the opportunity to look up the city they’ll be exploring and access a map of all the roads, highways and train stops. The best part is that you can download these maps to the app, meaning you can access them even if you don’t have WIFI.

Timeshifter – I’ve never heard of this app but sounds like a dream! Timeshifter was created by scientists and they’ve built an app that creates a personalized jet lag plan so travelers can avoid feeling drowsy, sleepy and “out of it”. After inputting your age, normal sleep schedule and a few other personal details, the app will guide you through your travels and send you recommendations on when you should and shouldn’t take a nap, sleep or avoid daylight. Sounds pretty cool!

XE Currency – If most of us struggle splitting the check at brunch with our friends, it’s fair to assume trying to convert the currency in our heads is a long shot. Download a currency conversion app, like XE Currency. I’ll be testing it out when we travel to Spain and France later this summer.