Airplane Etiquette

With our profession, it’s very common for our team to be traveling. From attending annual conferences to immersion meetings, the Fish team is in the air quite often. Having gone to Dallas myself this week, I’ve seen a lot – most of which I wish I hadn’t. The list of what passengers shouldn’t be doing at an airport or plane could go one for pages, but here are a few reminders for those with upcoming flights.

It all starts at the security line

Security lines are a hassle to go through. Having to take off our footwear and making sure we don’t forget to pull out our electronics is no easy task. So, make sure to start prepping for this as your turn is coming up. Avoid being on your phone to ensure you don’t hold up the line and grab enough bins for all your belongings so you don’t have to reach back and forth for additional bins as your items are about to be scanned.

Avoid standing in the middle

Don’t be THAT person that gets up and approaches the boarding line in advance when it’s not their turn. All you’re doing is becoming an obstacle for people to have to navigate around and being an inconvenience for everyone trying to see what part of boarding the airline is on. Trust me, if you’re in the right terminal, the plane won’t be leaving without you. Wait your turn and don’t stand in the middle.

Be organized

I get it – traveling isn’t easy. There’s a lot to keep in mind in such a fast-paced environment. However, there are definitely a few things we can all do as passengers to ensure things are moving as swiftly as possible, including having our boarding pass and ID ready. Don’t let it sink to the bottom of your purse and please don’t rely on your cellphone with low battery to get the job done. Be prepared and your fellow passengers will thank you.

Respect those around you

You don’t really ever hear of airlines making more room in their planes. Being in such tight quarters forces us all to be mindful of the space we are taking up and how to be respectful of others sitting next to us. For one, I’m a huge believer in not reclining the seats. Not only are you taking away the other passenger’s space but also you might end up spilling something they have on their tray.  Also, remember that at the end of the day, we are all still strangers and nobody likes for someone else to put their feet too close to them or fall asleep on their side of the seat.