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5 Must-Have Travel Items for This Summer

Whether we like it or not, summertime is basically here. In Fort Lauderdale, we’ve been feeling the hot temperatures for several weeks now which means we are approaching the hottest months of the year. With that, it also means many of us will be traveling during the next few months and it’s time for a quick refresher on must-have items for this year’s travels.

Portable cellphone charger

My phone is at that stage where no matter how much or little I use it, the battery drains super quick. Having a portable cellphone charger has saved my life so many times I’ve lost count. If you’re relying on maps to get you to the next restaurant on your itinerary or on your phone’s camera to capture every shot of the trip, I highly recommend investing in one.

Small umbrella

In Florida and across many other destinations, the summer months have rainy afternoons with spotted showers. To avoid being rained out and forced to stay inside on your summer vacation, take a small umbrella with you that won’t take up much space nor weigh down your bag.

Waterproof speakers

Whether you’re planning a beach getaway on the West coast or family boat ride in North Carolina, a waterproof or water-resistant speaker, like the nyne speaker, is a great add-on to bring with you. Create a playlist of your favorite tunes ahead of time and enjoy your summer vacation – without worrying about the speaker getting wet.


It’s no secret that the ozone layer is thinning so no matter where you are headed to this summer, carrying sunscreen is a must! Many sunscreen brands have travel size options that make it easier than ever to take it with you on the go so there really are no excuses!


They say cash is king and when you’re traveling, it’s a good idea to have some on you for emergencies or in case the credit card reader isn’t working. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re depending on credit cards to get you to and from your destination.