The Presidential Candidates: Where They Stand


Last week, Nation’s Restaurant News did us all a huge favor by reporting on where each presidential candidates stands on issues pertaining to the restaurant industry. So now we are going to do you a favor by summarizing it all.

Hilary Clinton

  • Minimum wage: Supports a $12-per-hour federal minimum wage
  • Healthcare: Wants to “defend and expand” the Affordable Care Act
  • Joint employer: Will uphold the joint-employer ruling
  • Immigration: Supports a pathway to citizenship
  • Employee protections: Wants up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave, while receiving at least 2/3 of current wages

Donald Trump

  • Minimum wage: Should remain a local/state issue, but open to a $10-per-hour federal minimum wage
  • Healthcare: Repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would include menu-labeling regulations
  • Joint employer: No official position
  • Immigration: Wants to deport illegal immigrants
  • Employee protections: No official position

So who do you think will be better for the franchising industry — Clinton or Trump?